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Drowsy Driving

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By Praagna R /


What is Anxiety Anxiety is the natural response of our body to stress. It’s a feeling of trepidation or apprehension...

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By Aneesh Rao /

Dental Hygiene and its benefits

What is Dental Hygiene ? Dental Hygiene is the practice of keeping your mouth clean as well as regularly going...

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Mental Health

According to the World Health Organization, “Mental health is a state of mental well-being that enables people to cope with...

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Physical Health

The Live Well Teens logo is a three-legged barstool, which represents the three different aspects of wellbeing. These are physical,...

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By Aditi Rao /

Physical Activity and Obesity in Teens

What causes Obesity in teens? There are many different causes of Obesity, but when you thoroughly examine it, you seem...

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By Pranav Rao /

Sleep and its benefits

Why do you need to sleep? Some of the theories for why we need sleep are Immune response; vaccinations have...

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The World of Snacking

What is Snacking? The word “snack” refers to any food and drink consumed between regular meals and provides up to...

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“Look in the Mirror”

What is Body Image? Body image is how you see yourself in the mirror or perceive yourself in your mind....

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Exercise and its benefits

Physically active individuals have a much better health outlook than their sedentary peers. Even modest regular physical activity has a...

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